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Taco Bell's New Burrito Has Spicy Pop Rocks In It

I guess you can say 2017 is the year with a bunch of weird food combinations.

Well, Taco Bell is testing out a burrito that's loading with spicy "popping crystals" that's basically like Tobasco-infused Pop Rocks.

The burrito is called the Firecracker Burrito and it comes in two different options: cheesy and spicy.

Both burritos are filled with rice, cheese, beef, and red tortilla strips, then wrapped in a red tortilla.

The spicy version gets an added kick from a drizzle of chipotle sauce.

You can also get a packet of cayenne popping crystals you can get with it for 20 cents more.

Foodbeast tried the burrito and warns to use those crystals sparingly though "they add a fizzy kick to the meal, but too many makes the burrito sugary-sweet. It's not a pleasant feeling."

Firecracker burritos are being tested at four restaurants.

The only confirmed location being a store in Santa Ana, California.

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