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The Riverdale Season 2 Promo Is Here!!!!

So us Riverdale fans have been on the edge of our seats ever since ever since the season one finale, which left Fred bleeding in the arms of Archie after a masked gunman opened fire inside Pop's.

Well, the last time we talked about Riverdale season 2 it was the first trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con.

Well here's another 30 seconds!

This week, The CW released a new TV promo, titled “Desperate Times.” 

It begins with Sheriff Keller announcing that he has “tragic news” to share. 

We need answers!

What is this about?!!!

Is it about Fred? Where is Fred? Why won’t anyone say anything about Fred’s condition? 

Meanwhile, Archie looks as confused and sad as ever, which could mean a turning point for his character.

At some point, Archie decides to ditch his bat for a gun outside of Pop’s.

Other highlights of this  30-second promo include a big courtroom scene, FP having a meeting in jail, Betty confronting mama Cooper in a waitress uniform. 

Does this mean Betty works at Pop’s now?

Veronica engaging in some sort of shower scene, a masked man (possibly the same man who shot Fred) pointing a gun at what appears to be a very formal event, and a Fred voiceover telling Archie he “can’t let this fear run your life.”

Also, yesterday, the official Archie Comics Twitter shared this very suggestive and creepy promo photo.

Did anyone else notice the 3 letter word?!!!!

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