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This Dog's Resume Will Definitely Find This Pup A Great Home!

When it comes to the task of finding a job, it requires creating a resume that summarizes your experience.

But when it comes to applying for the job of being someone's best friend it might be hard to fit all your doggie accomplishments into only one page.

If you thought your dog had a lot of experience being a good dog, think again. 

Mowgli the dog is looking for a temporary foster home to hang out in and she's taking the job very serious.

She got some of her human friends to create a detailed resume of all her past experiences and she might be over qualified.

Some of Mowgli's skills include:

  • A professional snuggler and provider of moral support.
  • Taught Venezuelan family intermediate borking, including complex phrases such as 'bork' and 'BORK.'
  • Gained 15 pounds of American weight & managed to remain adorable.
  • Demonstrated a complete dedication to snoozing. Left no soft surface without being slept on.
  •  Provided thought leadership on nuanced topics such as belly-rubs and nose boops. Increased belly-rubs by 30%.
  • Professional Couch Potato

While Mowgli does have a few weaknesses such as cats, shedding, wanting to hump small dogs, and loving too much, she's such a good girl.

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