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Here's A List Of 10 Superhero Treats To Try At Disneyland!

It's pretty obvious that Disneyland has THE BEST snacks to eat and there's always something new!

Well for Disney's Summer Of Heroes, there were tons of Marvel-themed food!

Since Summer Of Heroes is ending mid-September, we figured we'd share a list of must try snacks before it ends!

1. Gamma-Sized Donuts

This MASSIVE Croissant Donut (Cronut) is as big as a dinner plate and it's filled with blackberry and black currant jam. You can find it at Schmoozies at Disney's California Adventure.

2. Groot Bread

You might have seen this all over you Instagram feed, so you definitely have to grab one before it's gone. You can get it either plain or topped with cheese and chopped jalapeños. Groot Bread is located at Pacific Wharf Cafe at Disney's California Adventure.

3. Infinity Lavender Lemonade

It has been hot ALL SUMMER long, so this is the perfect drink to cool off with. This lemonade even comes with a lavender-infused sugar rim and is topped with a light up cube so your drink even glows! You can find it at Schmoozies at Disney's California Adventure.

4. The Most Dangerous Tacos In The Galaxy

Disney special ordered green corn tortillas as a nod to Guardian's of The Galaxy's Gamora just for this dish. These tacos are loaded with barbacoa beef, cabbage slaw, pickled onions, and a spicy salsa. These tacos are located at Nowhere Eats at Disney's California Adventure.

5. Obviously Nachos

These nachos were in honor of the Guardians of The Galaxy character Drax so of course they're called "Obviously Nachos." This dish is purple tortilla chips and an orange red pepper cheese sauce and chipotle crema similar to Drax's violet skin and tattoos. The nachos are topped with shredded chicken and scallions. The nachos are located at Nowhere Eats at Disney's California Adventure.

6. Spider Venom Shaved Ice

Bifrostie's offers six kinds of shaved ice, but this one is in honor of the one and only Spiderman! It's half blue raspberry, half cherry, and webbed in sweetened condensed milk on top, which creates a crunchy coating. This is located at Bifrostie's in Disney's California Adventure.

7. Angry Little Pudding Cup

If you thought Baby Groot was as cute as can be wait until you see this little pudding cup. It's basically a mini trifle. It's layered with chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and crushed Oreos, and topped with a trio of funnel cake fries for dipping. This yummy treat is located at Award Wieners at Disney's California Adventure.

8. Spider-Man Macaron

This dessert is perfect on a hot day! It's two large macarons with a hearty scoop of ice cream in the middle. This treat is located at Schmoozies in Disney's California Adventure.

9. The Milano

This is basically a take on a creamsicle. It's blue cream mixed with Orange Fanta Freeze. This is located at the Studio Catering Truck in Disney's California Adventure.

10. Spider-Man Caramel Apple

This dessert is not new to the park, it actually made its limited edition debut a few years ago. However, because it was so popular it returned for Summer Of Heroes. It's a Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel, then white chocolate, and red sanding sugar before getting the Spidey treatment. You can find this caramel apple at Marceline's Confectionary at Disney's California Adventure.

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