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OMG These Cops Are Terrified By This Balloon Prank!

It wouldn't be a good prank without basically scaring the crap out of America and that's EXACTLY what these 5 girls did.

The movie "It" is out in theaters on Friday and of course it's bringing the clown hysteria with it.

This is just a year after the "killer clowns" pretty much terrorized America!

Earlier this week, police in Lilitz, Pennsylvania, shared a couple photos to their Facebook page of red balloons that were tied to sewer grates across their town.

Some of you may or may not know, but the sign of red balloons tied to a sewer is a signature move from Pennywise, the clown in the movie "It."

Police politely requested that the prank be stopped, admitting they were "completely terrified." 

Of course, they were good sports about it, but it was clear they did not want this to turn into hysteria!

So if you were wondering who the mastermind behind this prank was well it turns out to be just five teen girls who were trying to scare their classmates. 

After the cops' Facebook post blew up, Peyton Reiff shared a series of posts on social media, admitting that she and her friends were the ones behind the harmless prank.

Apparently, Peyton and her friends were driving around town on their last night of summer when the idea hit them. 

They decided to buy a few dozens red balloons from the supermarket and place them around town where they knew their friends would see them. 

They had no intention of freaking out the town, let alone the country. 

When the teens saw the cops updated their Facebook page, they said they were shocked!

The girls decided to own up to the prank when it started to get more attention because they didn't want to freak the town out.

Thank goodness it was just teen girls and not Pennywise the clown!

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