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Boozy Popcorn Now Exists!!!

Fall is coming and that means more lazy nights are near binge-watching Netflix. 

Instead of a glass of wine to go with your popcorn, you can now opt for boozy popcorn instead!!

Yep, you heard that right boozy popcorn with an ABV of 5 percent exists!

It's made by U.K-based gourmet popcorn company Joe & Steph's and comes in a variety of flavors like Fruity Cosmopolitan, Crisp Gin & Tonic, Refreshing Mojito, and Zingy Margarita.

While Joe & Steph's popcorn is sold in the U.K, they can ship to the United States (for an additional $14). 

One bag costs around $5, so it might be better to order in bulk to make that $14 delivery free worth it!

Eating a bag of popcorn that's basically like having a drink, I'm in!!

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