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This Dad Ran A Marathon With An Empty Stroller!

Throughout a marathon, runners are consistently cheered on, handed water, and often photographed, however for Troy Austin things were a bit different.

He kept getting questions wondering if he lost his child.

Last month, Troy ran the Sunshine Coast Marathon in Australia with an empty stroller in his hands in honor of his son T.G., who was delivered stillborn at 27 weeks last year.

While lining up for the race, Troy replied to the question if he'd lost his kid, saying, "Yes that's the point." 

While it wasn't the last time he was asked where his child was, he explained that it was the most fulfilling. 

He said, "The smile dropped from her face as she came for a hug and apologized...I smiled because at that moment it was the reaction I was hoping for and almost the last time it occurred throughout the day."

In an emotional Facebook post, he expressed how much it hurt each time he heard these remarks. 

"As the run continued the onslaught was relentless, crossing over to the second lap I [hear] on the loud speaker . . . 'here comes old mate and it looks like he lost his kid,' more giggles from the crowd."

He had his two friends there with him complete the marathon and of course be the ultimate support system. 

Troy ran to raise awareness for stillbirths and his empty stroller was carrying his son's legacy.

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