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The Lid On Your Glad Food Container Actually Has A Secret Purpose

One of the most annoying parts of packing a salad for lunch is you never know where to put the dressing.

The separate containers always end up taking too much space and even tend to leak.

Well one Facebook user showed the world this little hack!

That’s right!!!

Those circles on the lids of nearly all Glad food containers are made to hold pop in cups.

If you haven’t noticed this before, it’s not your fault!!

Though the dressing cups can pop into almost all Glad lids, they’re only sold along the To Go Lunch containers.

The best part is Glad's dressing cups can pop in to all other types of Glad lids!!

 Unfortunately, the cups aren’t sold separately, so you’ll have to purchase the To Go Lunch containers if you want to use them with other types of Gladware. 

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