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Potterheads You Can Get Pumpkin Juice At Starbucks!

Calling all muggles!

If you want to get your hands on pumpkin juice without having to fly your Nimbus 2000 all the way to Hogwarts all you have to do is head on over to Starbucks.

However, make sure you DON'T ask the barista for straight-up "pumpkin juice," otherwise they may look at you a bit weird.

Instead, simply order an apple juice filled to the top line of the cup. 

Then ask them to add pumpkin spice sauce, depending on the size you order (1.5 pumps for a tall, two pumps for a grande, and three for a venti), and fill the rest of the cup with ice. 

If you really want to kick the flavor up a notch ask for a sprinkling of the pumpkin-spice topping as well. 

Make sure you stir everything together to get all the flavor before you take your first sip.

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