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Woman Escapes The Fire On Her Bike With Her Dog!

Natasha Wallace was on her way home from studying when she saw the wildfires from the highway.

She quickly realized that the wildfire was moments away from engulfing her home and she needed to leave immediately.

However, she need to go get her dog!

Natasha raced back to her Santa Rosa home to pick up Bentley, her 4-year-old pitbull.

The two of them piled in her car, but the sudden evacuation caused traffic and the fire was catching up!

Natasha told Fox 40 that the flames were coming faster than she could leave in traffic so she went back and got her bike.

Bentley weights 70 pounds and didn't think twice about leaving him behind.

Instead of packing clothes or shoes, she decided to carry Bentley in her duffel bag!

She grabbed her dog and told Bentley, "Hey man, this is serious. You need to just sit in the bag" and he just hopped right in.

The two of them started pedaling down the highway past the stuck cars and several miles ahead of the fire when a good Samaritan pulled over. 

The driver gave Natasha and Bentley a ride the rest of the way to safety.

The fire ended up burning Natasha's house down and she ended up losing almost everything she owns.

However, she's just grateful her and her best friend Bentley are okay.

She says, "I would never part ways with my dog ever...That's my ride or die."

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