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This Professor Helped His Student Ask Someone On A Date!

Meet 22-year-old Jake Moreno!

He is a student at Salt Lake Community College in Utah and last week, he asked his philosophy of religion professor to help him draft a text message to a girl he wanted to take out on a date.

His professor, Shannon Atkinson told Buzzfeed news, "Jacob approached me after class wondering if the triangle and Aristotelian Rhetoric could be used to ask a woman on a date and I was intrigued, thus my help." 

He continued, "Honestly, Jacob was the brains behind the whole thing; my part was only in helping him form the 'wording' of the text so he didn’t come off too strong."

Shannon said that he met with Jake for around five minutes and that he helped him with pathos.

Turns out Jake asking his professor for help asking out his crush ACTUALLY WORKED!


Jake even updated Twitter with how the date went!

Who knew you could find love from ethos, logos, and pathos?!!

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