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This Couple Avoids Stranger Things Spoilers By Signing A Contract!

Season 2 of Stranger Things came out a few days ago and this couple was preparing for the worst....SPOILERS!!!

Well Harry Moore decided to create a contract with his girlfriend, which takes binge-watching with your significant other to a whole new level.

The contract has a few conditions:

  • No episode of Stranger Things Series Two to be consumed in the absence of your partner
  • All spoilers to be avoided
  • In the event of a spoiler being discovered it must not be shared with your partner
  • Neither partner may be in the same room as any Stranger Things Series Two episode unless with your partner
  • Series One Episodes are excluded from this agreement

Harry decided to make the contract because there are very few things more important than Stranger Things.

He figured if you have to sign contracts to get married and stuff you should have to sign contracts for things of equal importance to marriage.

When Harry gave the agreement to his girlfriend she wanted to tweet about it, but didn't want people thinking her boyfriend is a psycho.

Well, Harry tweeted it and even Netflix UK liked his contract!

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