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Netflix Subscribers Have Been Targeted In Another Email Scam!

If you're a Netflix subscriber beware!!

While you're binge watching your favorite shows, you're a target of a new email scam! 

The new email scam comes in a phishing email that is designed to look like it came straight from Netflix itself, using the company logo and everything. 

The email informs the subscriber their account has been suspended because  there's been trouble with the billing on their account. 

The scams says all you have to do is sign back in, update your credit card information, and restart your account. 

The screens look pretty convincing, especially if you don't pay attention to the URL of the page you're on.

Images of Netflix shows like "The Crown" are also part in the scam to show "authenticity" when in reality there's nothing actually wrong with your account.

According to Deadline, more than 100 million subscribers have been targeted by the scam thus far; there's no word as to how those emails were obtained. 

Below is a picture of what the scam looks like:

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