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Kinder Eggs Are Officially Coming To The U.S.

Kinder eggs, you know those egg shaped chocolates with surprise toys hidden inside.

Well they have been one of the most popular candies in Europe, but Americans haven't been able to enjoy this candy in decades.

Kinder eggs are currently sold in hundreds of countries around the world, but were banned by the FDA back in the '70s because the toys hidden inside were considered to be a  choking hazard for kids.

Well Kinder eggs are officially coming to America, but will be called Kinder Joy.

The original eggs included a toy hidden inside a chocolate egg shell, while these new Kinder Joy eggs are safer and consist of two individually packaged halves. 

One half holds the surprise toy while the other half consists of two wafer balls sitting in a chocolate cream.

Kinder Joy will be making it's way to the U.S. just in time for the holidays.

It will first hit shelves at Walmart on Black Friday, where they'll sell for $1.34 each.

The product will only be available for purchase in Walmart for its first 30 days on the market before its expansion to other retailers.

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