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Steph Curry Will Be Teaching An Online Basketball Course!

Stephen Curry is a two-time NBA MVP who has clearly mastered the art of playing basketball.

Well now he is looking to pass on some of his knowledge to amateur players. 

He won't be taking the traditional basketball camp route, instead he Steph has partnered with Master Class.

MasterClass is an online education forum in which experts teach courses in their respective fields. 

He’ll be teaching a class that begins early next year.

Steph told ESPN's Chris Haynes, "if I think about where I was when I was 13, if I had access to this type of curriculum, I would have been a much better player faster.” 

He continued, “it took me a while to learn how to practice and do the drills the right way. I want people to see how I invest in my game, how I train, what I do in my workouts and what’s my mental approach. So, when the opportunity with Masterclass came about to put a class together where I can show people my unique way of playing this game, it was natural fit. The goal is for everybody to get better and enjoy basketball more. I want them to push and challenge themselves and hopefully they see the game differently.”

Steph is the first basketball player to work with MasterClass. 

Through passing his skills and training methods to others, Steph believes his game can also benefit.

He said, “I get to assess my own game and see what I could have done better. I can explain everything that can possibly happen with all the different outcomes and why I chose to do what I did, versus what I could have done better.”

Steph says he thinks hearing it from his perspective should be pretty interesting to people who either watch our games, or just play basketball themselves.

The enrollment fee for an individual course with MasterClass is $90, and $180 gives users unlimited access to all of the courses taught by professionals and experts. 

Steph said one of the things he hopes to convey is how much time and preparation has gone into his style of play.

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