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Are You Part Of The 70% Of People Can Hear This Silent Gif?!

Gifs are silent moving clips, which makes it impossible for them to make noise.

However, this ONE gif is driving people crazy!

This is because 70% of people claim they can hear the gif.

If you hear a 'thud' noise when it bounces, you are NOT alone.

Check out the gif below:

Apparently the reason some can hear the gif is because when the visuals presented to you impose a cognitive load greater than what your brain can handle, your brain tends to stop processing it objectively and replaces it with stereotypes/previous experience. 

This image forces your brain to associate it with the stereotype image of skipping rope. 

The mind associates the image with the steel lattice towers "skipping rope" with the electrical lines being "the rope". 

This also makes your mind link the image with other effects associated with the stereotype. 

Hence, you can "hear" the "jumps". 

Did you hear the gif jump?!

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