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High School Diver's Competition Dive Goes Very Wrong And It's Hilarious!

When it comes to diving in competitions, it usually looks very graceful.

However, for this high school girl it didn't turn out so well and it ended up making the whole internet laugh!

Just take a look at the video below:

Lesley Goynes tweeted how a girl she volunteers with showed Lesley a video from her high school diving competition.

For the poor girl diving, it was pretty unfortunate because her legs gave out at the very last moment, resulting in a limp and careless splash into the pool!

As embarrassing as it is, that girl can console herself with the fact that she's not alone.

Turns out a lot of people have experienced similar situations and decided to post their embarrassing diving moments!

The thread ended up being pure gold.

Now if we ever need a laugh, we have all these videos to go to!

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