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This Woman Was So Excited Winning $11.30 In The Trivia Game HQ

HQ Trivia is the new online trivia game that has taken the world by storm.

The way it works is that twice a day you have a chance to answer twelve trivia questions. 

Answer all twelve correctly and you'll get an equal share of the $2,000 prize pool.

Because the twelve questions are pretty tough and winners all share the prize, players are basically putting forth a lot of effort for a tiny bit of money but what keeps people invested in the desire to win, rather than the prize money. 

Just look at how this one woman reacted when she found out she won $11.30. 

The video has since gone viral and even caught the attention of HQ Trivia host, Scott Rogowsky. 

Which in turn, prompted another reaction video. 

This whole thing may seem like an overreaction but people who play the game GET IT! 

There is just one small problem. 

HQ Trivia requires people win a sum of $20 or more before they pay out. 

So we hope she wins again soon partially because we need more of these videos. 

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