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This Woman's Tattoo Plays The Final Voicemail From Her Late Grandmother!

A Chicago woman's unusual tattoo isn't just a visual reminder of her late grandmother, it even plays the woman's final voicemail.

Sakyrah Angelique tweeted a video showing the tattoo under her left collarbone being scanned with a smartphone app that then played the last voicemail she ever received from her grandma, a happy birthday message from three years ago.

She tweeted, "My grandma passed away my junior year of high school. A month before she passed, she left me a voicemail wishing me happy birthday. Today I got that exact waveform tattooed across my heart, and I am able to play it just by holding my camera over it."

Sakyrah said the tattoo and app use Skin Motion technology, which allows a user to upload an audio file and have it play whenever the relevant "Soundwave" pattern is scanned with a smartphone or other app-enabled device.

This is so cool and so sweet at the same time, check out the video below:

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