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Starbucks Just Released New Teavana Teas!

Just in time for flu season, Starbucks released a line a of specialty teas that are going to help you battle both the winter cold and winter colds in a healthy, invigorating, and calming way.

This series of teas are packed with vitamins and organic ingredients that will boost immune systems, and will help people to fight off germs headed their way.

Starbucks released FOUR different brews of Teavana teas.

The flavors include the Teavana Citrus Defender, the Teavana Defense Wellness Tea, the Teavana Rev Up Wellness Tea, and the Teavana Comfort Wellness tea.

They're all focused on boosting immune systems, energy levels, and overall wellness. 

The Teavana Defense Wellness Tea is a blend of white tea, blackberry leaves, and amaranth grain includes 50 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin C.

The Teavana Rev Up Wellness Tea is a blend of second-flush Darjeeling black tea, green tea, and high quality Chinese oolong with notes of peach, apricot, and mango.

The Teavana Comfort Wellness Tea has a blend of ginger, spearmint and peppermint to help you feel more balanced, cool, and calm.

Lastly, the Teavana Citrus Defender is made with a combination of  the new Teavana Defense Wellness Tea, which was mentioned above, steamed lemonade, hot water, and honey. 

These teas will keep you in tip top shape this winter!

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