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The Scrubs Cast Teased A Possibility Of Return With A TV Movie!

Is the Sacred Heart Hospital reopening for business?

The cast of ‘Scrubs’ have teased that the show could return in the form of a one-off TV movie.

Despite ending in 2009, creator Zach Braff has admitted that the whole cast of the hugely popular medical comedy would be up for a one-off return.

Zach told TV Guide, ”I don’t think we’d do a traditional TV show thing, but I think we daydream about the idea of doing, like, a TV movie.”

He continued, “That’s something that feels more realistic. Because everyone is so all over the place… I don’t think we’d want to do a revival of the show, but I think what’s more realistic and feasible would be to do sort of a – like Psych did a two-hour movie.”

He added, “I think that would be something we could all do. I mean, I would.”

Sarah Chalke, who played Dr Elliot Read, was just as excited about a potential return to Scrubs.

She revealed, “Would I do a Scrubs reunion movie? Hell yes, I would!”

She continued, “It was such a great job. We all still hang out and I would love it.”

Fingers crossed Scrubs comes back!!

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