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The Jonas Brothers Reactivated Their Instagram and Fans Are Freaking Out!

2013 was a dark, dark year for Jonas Brother fans EVERYWHERE.

The jo bros was gearing up for a reunion album and tour after Joe and Nick both dropped solo albums.

Everything was going so well and fans were living for it.

The boys even dropped a single with a music video called "Pom Poms" that sent the Jonas fandom into a frenzy. 

But then, out of nowhere, the group cancelled their comeback tour, revealing that creative differences had caused a "deep rift within the band." 

Then to break fans' hearts even more, the boys deleted all their group social media accounts and announced they were splitting up.


However, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel because just as randomly as the boys called it quits, they may be coming back together again!

Out of nowhere, The Jonas Brothers' reactived their Instagram account for the first time since they deactivated it in 2013!!

All their pictures from 2013 are fully intact, too!

Twitter is now freaking out, because what could this mean other than a sign that a reunion album and tour is around the corner?

These tweets are hilarious and every Jonas fan can relate to them!

Also one fan on Twitter did some FBI work and found a sign in Kevin's Instagram last week!!

She pointed out that Kevin is starting to play guitar again!

Take a look at his Insta post below:

Do you see Kevin's guitar?!

There was no caption for these photos so it obviously only means one thing right?!

Like why else would he start playing guitar again?!

Also Jonas keyboardist Ryan Liestman posted a "family reunion" picture on Insta!!

We are sooo ready for this reunion tour, JONAS TAKE ALL OF OUR MONEY!!

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