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Ben & Jerry's Is Releasing Truffle Filled Ice Cream!

Ben & Jerry's rolls out new flavors regularly and every time we can't help but drool a little.

Now, the company just released a truffle-filled line of traditional pints and new flavors of pint slices.

The first flavor is "Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake!"

It starts with a caramel cheesecake ice cream base, then adds graham-cracker covered cheesecake truffles and chocolate cookie swirls. 

The next flavor is "Chillin' The Roast Truffles!"

It's made with finely ground coffee, which gives it a strong coffee taste without being bitter. 

The base is a cold brew coffee ice cream, and chocolate cookie-covered coffee liqueur truffles and fudge swirls are mixed in.

The last flavor is "Chocolate Shake It Truffles."

It's basically a chocolate milkshake in ice cream form and is perfectly creamy without being overly sweet. 

The chocolate malt milkshake-flavored ice cream is mixed with chocolate cookie-covered fudge truffles and marshmallow swirls.

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