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Starbucks Is Testing Out Cashless Checkouts!

For many of us especially myself, a cup of coffee from Starbucks is part of my daily routine.

Whenever you go to Starbucks during a busy part of the day, you'll find it super crowded and see people waiting to get their coffee and moving on with their day.

Now Starbucks is trying out a new system to see if they can make those lines move faster!

 They've actually just stopped accepting cash entirely as part of a new cashless pilot program.

According to Food Drink & Franchise, Starbucks is going cashless at one of its biggest Seattle stores.

As of last week, the Starbucks in the Russell Investment Center in Seattle no longer accepts cash at all, just credit cards and phone payments. 

However, customers can still leave tips in cash.

Starbucks didn't even put up signs informing customers that the location wouldn't be accepting cash anymore. 

They're reportedly relying on baristas to explain the situation to customers.

Since fewer people are using cash anyway, Starbucks thinks going cashless could speed up transaction times during busy periods, and also free up the baristas to be making more drinks, instead of ringing up all those transactions. 

Starbucks also hopes going totally cashless could reduce the risk of theft and reduce the number of bank runs employees have to make.

This is a new test, and according to Payment Week, the Russell Center Starbucks was already mostly cashless anyway. 

Starbucks hasn't said how long the test will go on or if it will roll out to any other stores. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the future.

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