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All The Valentine's Day Foods Served At Disneyland!

Churros, candy apples, pretzels, pineapple dope whips, and popcorn are some of the most iconic foods at Disneyland!

If we're going to be honest one of the main reasons we are Disney OBSESSED is because they have so many delicious food options and it keeps us coming back for more.

So it's no surprise that the Valentine's Day foods at Disneyland look soo good as well!

Just in time for February, Disneyland has some of your favorite treats all decked out for the holiday. 

There are even a few new treats you need to try just for the occasion and they will have you at love at first bite!

Valentine Sundae

If you love ice cream, you know you can't go wrong at Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream at Disney's California Adventure. 

Just for Valentine's Day, they have this Valentine Sundae with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, in addition to chocolate-covered strawberries.

Strawberry Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes are always a must at Disneyland and the Stage Door Cafe is where you can get them. 

In the past, they have offered a red velvet funnel cake just for Valentine's Day, but a traditional strawberry funnel cake is also delicious. 

The red is perfect for Valentine's Day and who doesn't love some mickey-shaped whipped cream on top?

Chocolate-Strawberry Smoothie

We love chocolate and we love strawberry, so this chocolate dipped strawberry smoothie from Schmoozies is going on the very top our list.

It's the best of both worlds if you're a chocolate and strawberry lover.

They also always have an assortment of fun new donuts and cronuts to try, so we're sure you will find some Valentine's Day themed treats to snack on as you sip your smoothie.

Cherry-Vanilla Cotton Candy

Disneyland is known for some fun cotton candy flavors like pineapple that tastes similar to their iconic Dole Whip, and candy cane-flavored cotton candy for Christmas. 

So, it only makes sense that they would have a fun flavor for Valentine's Day, which is cherry-vanilla cotton candy.

The Grey Stuff

The dessert made famous from "Be Our Guest" is available at the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland

It's different from the grey stuff offered at Walt Disney World, so even if you think you've tried it, you really haven't. 

What makes this grey stuff unique is the red velvet cake and raspberry filling in the center, which is very fitting for Valentine's Day.

Strawberry Ghirardelli Shake

A strawberry shake or sundae from Ghirardelli's in Disney's California Adventure is the perfect Valentine's Day treat.

It is pretty in pink, and perfect for your Valentine's Day mood. 

Also, you always get a free sample of Ghirardelli chocolate every time you visit, so bonus chocolate is a win-win.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There are always fun character or special holiday-decorated treats at the bakery on Main Street, Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen, so it's a must to stop in. 

Although, for Valentine's Day, getting some simple chocolate-covered strawberries is all you really need. 

They are the perfect treat for lovers, and people who love sugar.

Which treat will you be eating?!

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