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Coworkers Bought A Car For A Single Dad Who Walks 11 Miles To Work Everyday

Meet 21-year-old Trenton Lewis, who is a single dad and he didn't have a car so he would walk 11-miles to work every morning to get to his 4 a.m. shift.

He works at UPS and has walked to work every day for seven months without his coworkers knowing how he got to work.

When Trenton's co-workers  found out what he did every day just to get to work, they decided to lend him a hand. 

Patricia Bryant and her husband, Kenneth, have both worked at UPS for almost 40 years and they were moved by Trenton's dedication and determination.

So they shared his story with coworkers and collected money from them to buy Trenton a car.

Trenton had no idea what the co-workers were up to and was asked to come to a "union meeting" where he was surprised with keys to a 2006 Saturn.

Check out the heartwarming video below:

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