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Disney Toys Are Officially Returning To McDonald's Happy Meals!

McDonald’s Happy Meals are about to make kids a lot happier!

For the first time in 10 years, McDonald's is partnering with Disney once again to bring Disney-themed toys and packaging to Happy Meals!!

Disney and McDonald’s will be partnering for a cross-promotional campaign starting in June, according to USA Today, when Happy Meals will begin including toys from Incredibles 2 (out June 15, 2018).

This will be followed by toys for the Wreck-It-Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, in the fall to coincide with its November 21, 2018 release date.

The “promotional alliance” will pair the children’s meal with movies from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Disney Live Action, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm.

It’s the first time in a decade that Disney and McDonald’s have partnered up!

McDonald’s confirms that they plans to meet Disney’s nutrition guidelines. 

The Disney standards favor fruits, vegetables and whole grains, among others, while limiting calorie, salt and sugars.

While it’s uncertain for now how long this new partnership will last, a McDonald’s spokeswoman said, “The new pact does not include any agreement on restaurants in parks, but we will continue to explore ways to continue to bring this alliance to life.”

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