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New Music Friday March 2nd: New Must Listens!


We have new music that we want to share with you that we are so excited about!

What better way to kick off the weekend than to listen to some new music?!

Take a listen to some of our favorites from the week and let us know what you think!

The first song we have is "What The Hell Happened To Usby Quinn XCII feat. Kailee Morgue! We are obsessed with this song! We love how this song is wondering "what happened to us," which could be a pretty sad subject. However, the song is so upbeat and whole energy of the song makes it a fun dance song. We love both of their voices on their song. We're obsessed with this song. LOVE it so much!

The next song we have is "Do Right" by GladesWe like this song a lot! We love that it's chill and then it just goes straight into such a fun vibe! It's just one of those songs you can't help but dance around to and blast it in your car. We really like it a lot.

Next, we have "1950" by King Princess! First of all HER VOICE OMG!! We love the vibe of this song it's just a chill. It's just one of those songs where you can relax to it or just blast it in your car and go on a road trip with it. We love it and her voice is PERFECT for this song.

Our next pick is "Heart To Breakby Kim Petras. OMG this song is sooo fun! We think we're actually obsessed with her. This song is an actual BOP! You can't hep it, you just have to blast it and start dancing. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! BRB just blasting this song and dancing to it right now!

Lastly we have, "I Know" by Jocelyn AliceHer voice is soo good. She's so talented. We love the beat of this song. It's just so chill. She kind of reminds me a bit of Rachel Platten. We are obsessed with her voice and this song. Definitely someone to look out for.

Let us know which one is your favorite and tell us your favorite songs at the moment!

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