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Starbucks Just Released A Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino!

It looks like Starbucks has dropped their own version of a freak shake with their brand new Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino.

The frappuccino features popcorn and pretzel syrup, and is topped with whipped cream, caramel popcorn, and salted pretzels.

Unfortunately the drink only exists in Australia and the U.K.

before you go booking a flight, try hacking your own. 

Order a Toffee Nut Frappuccino and ask for caramel drizzle both inside the cup and on the whipped cream. 

For the caramel popcorn and mini pretzel toppings, you'll need to take matters into your own hands.

Would you try this drink?!

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