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MLB Is Having A Food Festival!

One of the best parts about going to a baseball game besides watching baseball is the FOOD!!

Well Major League Baseball just created the best event for all of us!

To celebrate the start of the 2018 season, MLB is launching their first ever MLB Food Fest on April 21st and 22nd in NYC near Bryant Park.

The one-of-a-kind indoor food festival will showcase the best food from all 30 MLB stadiums!

The menu includes:

  • Baltimore Orioles: Chesapeake Waffle Fries - Waffle fries paired with a crab dip made of crab, cream cheese and mayo.
  • Boston Red Sox: New England Lobster Rolls - Lobster meat with lettuce, butter, dry parsley and lemon pepper on a roll
  • Chicago White Sox: South Side Horseshoe - Italian sausage, fries, cheddar sauce and garlic Texas toast.
  • Cleveland Indians: Flamethrower - Pulled pork burger with bacon jam, coleslaw and Flaming Hot Cheetos.
  • Detroit Tigers: Chicken Shawarma Nachos - Pita chips topped with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, hummus, and garlic sauce
  • Houston Astros: Chicken Waffle Cone - Popcorn chicken with mashed potatoes and honey mustard inside of a waffle cone.
  • Kansas City Royals: Brisket-acho - Brisket nachos with cheesy corn, beans, and bbq sauce.
  • Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: Pork Katsu - Pork topped with curry and served with rice.
  • Minnesota Twins: Kuro Marczuk - Breaded cheese curds and bratwurst topped with brown gravy.
  • New York Yankees: Adobo Bao - Chicken and pork rinds served in a bun.
  • Oakland A's: Monte Khrush Davis Cristo - Ham, turkey, cheese, and strawberry preservese served between Belgian liege waffles.
  • Seattle Mariners: Toasted Grasshoppers 
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Reuben Cuban Sandwich - Pulled pork, sausage, corned beef, cabbage kraut, pickles, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing inside of Cuban bread.
  • Texas Rangers: Chicken and Donut Slider - Chicken in between a glazed donut paired with buffalo ranch and honey.
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Jerk Chicken Nachos - Nachos topped with jerk chicken, cheese cheddar sauce, cole slaw, pico de gallo, sour cream, and green onions.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Churro Dog - Churro topped with frozen yogurt, chocolate sauce, caramel, and whpped cream inside of a chocolate iced donut.
  • Atlanta Braves: Pig Picklin' - BBQ spiced tortilla shell stuffed with curly fries, mac n cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw, and roasted corn, pico de gallo with fried pork rinds on the side. 
  • Chicago Cubs: Chicago Dog - Beef frank served in a poppyseed bun with sport peppers, a dill pickle spear, tomatos, onion, relish and mustard.
  • Cincinnati Reds: Fry Box - Fries with bacon, cheese, gravy, and green onions.
  • Colorado Rockies: Helton Burger and Fresh Cut Fries - Cheeseburger with pickles and fries on the side.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Cheeto-lote - Corn covered with chipotle mayo, parmesan, tajin, and Flaming Hot Cheetos.
  • Miami Marlins: Bacon Wrapped Plantain - Plantains wrapped and topped with bacon, guava marmalade, queso blanco and cilantro.
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Cheddar Beer Bratwurst - Cheddar bratwurst with grilled sweet onion jam inside of a pretzel sausage bun.
  • New York Mets: Classic NY Deli Pastrami Sandwich - Pastrami sandwich with mustard on rye bread.
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Bulls Slider - Pork sliders with cole slaw.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Pulled Pork Pierogie Hoagie - Pulled pork, pierogis and crispy fried onions in a bun.
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Gioia's Hot Salami Sandwich - Salami sandwich with pepperjack cheese, pepperoncini, yellow onion, and mustard.
  • San Diego Padres: Seaside Market's Tri-Tip Nachos - Nachos topped with tri-tip, cheese sauce, sour cream, BBQ sauce, and green onions.
  • San Francisco Giants: Crazy Crab Sandwich - Dungeness crabmeat with mayo, tomatoes, and garlic butter on sourdough bread.
  • Washington Nationals: Crab Grilled Cheese - Crab cake, tomatoes, and American cheese on sourdough.

Take a look at some of the delicious food pictures below:

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