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Netflix Will Pay You To Binge-Watch Movies And TV Shows!

One thing i'm pretty sure all of us love to do is binge-watch our favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix!

Well it looks like Netflix might actually be able to give you a job doing exactly that! 

Fast Company published a profile of a professional "Netflix tagger," describing how the streaming service currently employs a group of 30 people whose sole job is to watch Netflix content and "tag" TV shows and films with category information and metadata.

Sherrie Gulmahamad, the "tagger" profiled, discussed how her team develops Netflix's subjective and often bizarrely specific "category tags."

Category tags is where Netflix uses in its recommendation algorithm to label and sort content for viewers' discovery.

Sherrie said, "We work with a sprawling palette of tones and storylines to capture the spirit of our content, and when it comes to those sorts of tags, we can be more editorial."

For example, Sherrie listed a long series of the available tags for "supernatural content" on the platform, which she said included "zombies, witches, dragons, cannibals, Bigfoot, mad scientists, mutants, magical creatures, angels, demons and even 'evil kids.'"

She described the job as "like being a librarian" with a "broad knowledge base of how TV shows or movies are related," where you spend up to 20 hours a week watching Netflix content.

There are currently several available listings for the "tagging" job, officially labeled "editorial analyst" on the company's website.

Qualifications for the job include: "Ability to distinguish nuances within different movie and TV genres," "Ability to distill the essence of a movie/show and share findings in a concise manner," and "5+ years experience ... in the film and/or television industry."

This is a binge-watcher's dream job!

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