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Apparently We've Been Singing The Friends Theme Song Wrong The Whole Time!

One of my favorite shows is Friends and I know that theme song by heart or so I thought...

On the British variety series Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on UK network ITV, hosts Declan Donnelly, Stephen Mulhern, and Scarlett Moffatt ran the season finale from Florida's Universal Resort. 

There, the Rembrandts, the band that originally performed the Friends theme song, delivered a sing-a-long version of the hit song, complete with spinning umbrellas in the background. 

All that was missing was a water fountain and a couch, and we could have seen a pretty accurate reenactment of Friends' theme sequence.

In the show's Sing-a-long Live segment, a woman competing to guess the lyrics for prize money said that one missing line was "I'll be there for you, When the rain starts to FALL"

Doesn't that sound right?!

Well surprisingly it was INCORRECT!

The correct answer is, "I'll be there for you, When the rain starts to POUR."

Her mistake made many Friends fans including myself to question everything!

I mean how could us fellow Friends fans go this long without realizing it was the wrong lyric!

To be fair, if you listen to the theme song focusing on that lyric, it's actually pretty easy to hear the word as "fall."

Singers Danny Wilde and Phil Solem's voices seem to fade out when saying "pour," so unless you know exactly what they're saying, misinterpreting it is totally understandable!

I'll definitely keep an ear out for the theme song the next time I catch a Friends re-run!

Check out the song below and i'm telling it sounds JUST like "FALL"!

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