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Disney Now Sells Light-Up 'Toy Story' Cups!

Disney has really upped their merch game last year with those light-up Enchanted Rose Beauty And The Beast tumbler cups!

This year in honor of Pixar Fest, Disney has released the glowing alien Toy Story cups have recently been spotted around Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

The large, clear "claw cups" have one of those adorable green aliens aka The Little Green Men from Toy Story(you know, the squeaking rubber guys in blue space suits at Pizza Planet) inside, reaching up to a claw that lights up green.

Their catchphrases "Ooooooh!" and "The Clawwww" are on the outside, too.

The cups are available in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure as part of Pixar Fest, according to Disney site, Disney Food Blog.

During Pixar Fest characters from favorite Disney movies like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. and Up roam the park, where new food options and merchandise are offered.

The claw cups have been spotted at Emporium (a souvenir shop) in Disneyland and at Five and Dime (a toy and merchandise shop) in Disney California Adventure.

According to Instagram users, they cost $14.99. 

Below you can also find some of the new merch for Pixar Fest:

Which item will you buy?

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