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You Can Now Buy Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream!!

Less than a year after partnering with Baskin-Robbins to make Sour Patch Kids-infused ice cream, Sour Patch Kids are bringing a whole new variety of ice cream to the freezer aisle!

This year's ice cream is basically made for summer with a star-spangled lid and "Red, White, And Blue" as its official name.

First of all, this is not just ice cream...

It's a mix of lemon sorbet and vanilla light ice cream and it has a Redberry swirl snaking through it, which is essentially like liquid Sour Patch Kids. 

Also it has actual chunks of Sour Patch Kids!!

Instagrammer Junk Food Mom reviewed the flavor, saying the Redberry swirl is really where the tartness comes in. 

So far, multiple Instagrammers have spotted the flavor at Walmart stores and Junk Food Mom says it's made by Dreyer's.

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