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There's So Many New Churros Coming To Disneyland's Pixar Fest!

One thing that we all can probably agree on is that Disneyland has THE BEST CHURROS!

It’s just a must-have treat whenever you go to the parks.

In the past, there have been many limited edition flavors such as peppermint, pumpkin, red and blue light saber, gold churro, s’mores and so many more.

Well with Pixar Fest starting tomorrow (4/13), Disney is going all out with the MANY different churro flavors!

The first new churro flavor is The Snipe!

The Snipe a multicolored fruity churro with lemon flavor.

This will be available at the churro cart near the castle and the cart near Town Square.

The next churro, we are so excited to try!

The Carrot Cake Churro will be a carrot cake flavored churro rolled in cinnamon sugar served with raisin carrot cream cheese frosting. 

This churro can be found at the cart near the Haunted Mansion.

The Strawberry Churro will be located in Tomorrowland near Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and it kind of sounds like it will taste like the rose gold churro. 

Next up we have THREE different colored churros...Blue, Red, Yellow Racer Churros and these are your traditional flavored churros that come with a caramel dipping sauce. 

These can be found at the Cozy Cone and are not new but a comeback churro.

Next up is the Cocoa Churro (pictured below).

It’s a Ghirardelli Chocolate and vanilla bean dust and salted cinnamon sugar served with a spiced Mexican chocolate dipping sauce.

This can be found at Churro cart near Big Thunder Mountain RR.

Last but not least the specialty churro!!

The Iced Specialty Churro is Donut icing drizzled across a classic churro dusted with cocoa cereal and this can be found at the churro cart in Bugs land.

Which churro are you most excited to try?!

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