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Sour Patch Kids Just Released A New Tropical Flavor!

We recently talked about Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream and Ice Pops well we have more good news for Sour Patch Kids lovers!

Sour Patch Kids just brought a brand new tropical twist to their sour, sweet candy!

The flavor Mango was just added to the candy roster!

The new edition was spotted by food blogger, Junk Food Mom, who shared a photo of the candy on Instagram.

According to the photo’s caption, the gummies “start out a bit sour and then turn sweet... as they are supposed to. The mango flavor is bold and terrific. Really enjoyed the unique flavor of these.”

The candies come in the shape of real-life mangos, even though they are still considered Sour Patch Kids. 

Target currently sells the new Mango Sour Patch Kids!

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