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Chocolate Hazelnut Dunkaroos Now Exist!

When it comes to Dunkaroos, 90's babies think of a great time in their childhoods!

The delicious snack ended production in the U.S. 6 years ago, but it feels like forever!!

Walmart has tried to make a knock-off version and you can buy the real things on Amazon, but it's just not the same as buying it in person at the grocery store!

Well it turns out Dunkaroos still exist and they have a new flavor!

Classic Dunkaroos came with either rainbow sprinkle or chocolate frosting, but apparently in Australia, they're made with a chocolate-hazelnut spread too.

According to an Instagram post from user @JunkFoodMom, the cookies are shaped like kangaroos and the dip is made with real hazelnuts. 

It's basically the Nutella mash-up!

The Australian Food Shop, which ships to the U.S., has them for sale.

A six-pack costs $11, plus a little more than $25 in shipping costs.

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