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Starbucks Just Added Two New Frappuccinos To The Menu!

We've seen a lot of frappuccinos come and go from Starbucks like The Unicorn, S'mores, Cherry mocha, and so many more!

Well starting today, Starbucks is getting a richer and darker version of the classic Caramel and Mocha Frappuccinos!

Unlike other seasonal rotations, they're a permanent addition to the menu.

The Ultra Caramel and Triple Mocha Frappuccinos hit stores today and they have layers of whipped cream, new sauces, and an extra dose of caffeine.

Both drinks start with a layer of Sweet Cold Brew Whipped Cream and it's made with actual cold brew, and has 15mg of caffeine in the portion put on a grande.

Keep in mind a cup of coffee has around 95mg, so it's not like you're doubling up on caffeine, but it is a nice bonus.

It also has white chocolate mocha and dark caramel sauces infused into it.

Both new Frapps are caffeinated as well and have a new sauce to differentiate them from the classics. 

Dark caramel and dark mocha sauces are layered over the whipped cream at the bottom and blended into the drinks, which are made with coffee. 

If you like the classic tastes of the original frappuccinos, the taste isn't wildly different it's just creamier and richer.

The new drinks are available in stores now, along with a new vegan-certified Macadamia Oat Cookie. 

Which drink are you going to try?

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