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Marvel Fan Asks Wife To Name Infinity War Characters!

There are a lot of Marvel characters and if you're not a Marvel fan you probably won't know the characters or what they look like.

Well this Marvel fan decided to ask her wife to name the characters off the top of her head from the movie Infinity War and her answers were hilarious!

Check out her answers below:


Dark Magician

Willy Wonka

Oh, THIS is the Hulk.

War Maiden

War Maiden's Wife

War Maiden's Daughter

War Maiden's Son

Just a regular guy who gets caught in the crossfire


Samuel L. Jackson

Captain America

Captain America's Friend


Other Iron Man


Snail Girl

Is this a character? It's a raccoon



She Hulk

Republican Chris

Paul Rudd

Chad Something

Comic book guy


Purple Alien

Rogue? Maybe the other is Jean

Dr. Watson


Iron Man


Spider Man

Well at least she tried!

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