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The Voice Behind The "Laurel or Yanny" Clip Just Weighed In!

If you got a little tired of hearing the recording of "laurel vs. yanny" being played last week, just think how Jay Aubrey Jones felt.

NPR reports Jay is a Broadway and TV actor who recorded the clip for Vocabulary.com back in 2007.

For those of you who heard "laurel" congratulations because Jay is in fact saying "laurel" even though lots of people hear "yanny."

So what does Jay himself hear? "Laurel."

He told NPR's LuLu Garcia-Navarro and he adds that he initially didn't recognize his own voice when the clip started making the rounds.

He says people are hearing different things probably because, "it has to do first of all with what has happened with people's computers or listening devices, also how people process sound, which is highly individual."

So were you right thinking it was Laurel?

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