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Thrifty Ice Cream Is Heading To Albertsons!

If you've never had Thrifty's ice cream from Rite-Aid, you're really missing out!

If you have had it then you know how delicious it is with huge scoops for such a low price!

Well it turns out Albertsons will be the new owner of Thrifty's Ice Cream. 

The ice cream chain has been part SoCal resident's lives since 1940 and has had an impact on the childhood of people across generations.

With the news of Albertsons' acquisition of the company, it has caused people to have mixed feelings about this.

The plus side, this move might bring Thrifty's ice cream parlors into Albertsons stores just like how it currently is at Rite-Aid.

However, others are a little skeptical because this move could mean an increase in the ice cream prices or the closing of the El Monte factory that currently produces Thrifty's ice cream.

There's still no word yet about the future of Thrifty's ice cream and all of the business dealings.

However, we are still really excited that we can get our favorite ice cream at an event more convenient location!

How do you feel about this?

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