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New Music Friday June 22nd: New Must Listens!


We have new music that we want to share with you that we are so excited about!

What better way to kick off the weekend than to listen to some new music?!

Take a listen to some of our favorites from the week and let us know what you think!

The first song we have is "Dancing's Not A Crime" by Panic! At The Disco! Panic! just released their new album "Pray For The Wicked" and WE LOVE IT! This song and "High Hopes" are our ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. Brendon Urie's voice OH.MY.GOD! We love how catchy this song is as soon as it starts and you can't help but want to dance. I mean go figure the song is called "dancing's not a crime." Everything about this song is just so much fun and it's one of those songs that you just have to blast when you play it! We're OBSESSED with this song and "High Hopes," they've both been on repeat for us!

The next song we have is "Only You" by Cheat Codes and Little Mix! New music from Little Mix...FINALLY! So this song is a post break up song, which you can tell in the emotional lyrics. We like the way that the emotion is intertwined with the lyrics and melody to create a sad song that's not so sad. It's more of a "i'm going to dance the heartbreak away" kind of song haha. We also really liked Little Mix's vocals combined with Cheat Codes' voice it's so good! 

Next is "All The Ways" by Meghan Trainor! One thing Meghan Trainor is really great at is always coming out with catchy songs! This song is another one to add to that catchy song list! It's such a cute song about her being in a relationship and having him tell her all the ways he loves her. We love that you can tell how genuinely happy she is. This song is so fun and a dance pop that is perfect for summer!

The next song is "My Way" by Tom Walker! We are so used to the sweet ballad songs from Tom Walker, but not this time! We love that we are getting this grittier/edgier side of him! Don't worry though, he still slows it down at the end so we still get that Tom Walker we know and love on this song. We're really feeling this song a lot! It shows that he can change up his sound and still come out with a great song! Love it!

Lastly, we have "On My Love" by We The Kings! New music from We The Kings OMG YES!!! We like that they are sticking to the pop-punk sound that We The Kings had on their first album. We love how it's that bright pop-rock song with the guitars and Travis's voice brings the heartfelt lyrics to life. we really love this song a lot, it's so cute! we can't wait to the album!

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