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This Mom Posted A Horrifying Photo As A PSA To Parents!

Growing up, it was very common to see parents holding their child's hand while the child goes down the slide at a park or sometimes you even see parents go down the slide while the child is on their lap.

Who knew such a harmless act could result in an injury for kids.

Take a look at this photo of a mother going down a slide with her adorable one-year-old daughter, Meadow. 

What do you see?

If you're looking at the unnatural angle Meadow's leg is turning in, then you spotted what's wrong in this photo.

The baby's sneaker caused traction on the slide and it got stuck between her mom and the slide.

 As a result, her leg broke.

Clare wrote about the scary day in a Facebook post, urging other parents not to the make the same mistake she did.

Clare shares her 'PSA' every single year, and mentions that it's one of the most common summertime injuries parents bring their children into the ER for.

What do you think about this?

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