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This Is The Most Expensive Ice Cream In America!

Ice cream is one of the best parts of life, but there's one ice cream sundae found in New York City that's far from normal!

Introducing the "Bear Extraordinaire" from the Baccarat Hotel New York in Manhattan is the country's most expensive sundae and it costs $1,500!

Yup, $1,500 and you might be wondering what do you get for $1,500?

The base of the dessert is house-made vanilla ice cream using "imported vanilla beans from Madagascar," pastry chef Rosario Wakabayashi tells CNBC Make It.

The ice cream is covered in a white chocolate shell that's hand-painted with colored cocoa butter. 

It sits atop 3 ounces of black truffle crumble (an ounce of black truffle costs an average $95), which is portions of black truffle mixed with high-end 64 percent Manjari dark chocolate (also from Madagascar) and Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs.

Enveloping the shell is a hibiscus champagne sauce, with citrus meringue, and it's further embellished with delicate fondant butterflies sitting on angel hair sugar strands. 

Edible gold and silver leafing add an expensive touch of color. 

The ice cream is served in a $1,200 clear Baccarat "Zoo Bear" crystal bowl, which has a porcelain base decorated with a honeycomb motif and is topped by crystal in the shame of a friendly bear's face.

Diners who buy the treat get to keep the figurine, which is individually numbered and signed by the designer.

The ice cream dish without the bear crystal can be ordered for $300.

Chef Roario says she was inspired by color when envisioning her creation, and was influenced by the Baccarat crystal butterflies collection in the Grand Salon of the hotel, as well as the hues of Madagascar.

She says the "Bear Extraordinaire" is currently the most expensive ice cream dessert in the country based on her research.

Would you spend $1,500 on an ice cream sundae? 

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