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Buffalo Wild Wings Just Opened A Restaurant With A Sauce Wall

Buffalo Wild Wings has so many choices to choose from when it comes to what flavor wings you want!

Well, Buffalo Wild Wings just opened up a new restaurant where there's a SAUCE WALL!

Thrillist reported that the new concept restaurant is called B-Dubs Express and it opened earlier this week in Minneapolis. 

The food is still the same, but it's so much cooler!

There's a sauce wall and self-serve beer!

The way it works is once you order and receive your wings at the counter, you can head over to the sauce wall and drizzle, or drench, your wings in any sauce you want. 

You can go for the sauce you ordered with your wings or switch it up!

For the beer wall, it features a couple of national brands, but the big focus is on local Minnesota breweries like Surly, Indeed, and Fair State. 

The wall also features a margarita tap and a house cocktail called Buffalo Zoo.

So it's not just beer on tap, but margaritas on tap too!

How cool!

To use the wall, customers show their ID to staff, who then provide the customer with a wristband and a pre-paid card. 

The customer then slides the card into the wall, pulling the tap of their choice. 

Each card is regulated with a set number of ounces each person can consume. 

Once it's empty, you'll have to request for more ounces to be loaded on the card.

As of right now there's no current plans to open more B-Dubs Express locations throughout the U.S. just yet.

Hopefully, they decide to open more locations soon because we want to experience this in person!

What do you think about the beer and sauce wall?

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