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Pickle Flavored Candy Canes Now Exist!

Pickle-flavored candy canes are officially a thing.

Yup, we know it sounds...well...different.

It's just you know candy canes that taste like pickles!

The candy canes are made by Archie McPhee and they are sold in packs of six in boxes with a pickle wearing a Santa Hat.

Archie McPhee’s Pickle Candy Canes are specifically dill pickle-flavored.

The Amazon page says, “Christmas can be a tough time for someone who isn’t that into sweets. If you’re the savory sort, you might prefer the dill tang of our Pickle Candy Canes.” 

Surprisingly, they're really popular!

They are so popular that the Archie McPhee website limits orders to five boxes per customer.

Are you going to try it?

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