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Rachel Platten Just Announced She's Pregnant!

Congratulations Rachel Platten and her husband Kevin Lazan!

Rachel Platten just announced she was pregnant on Instagram with such a heartwarming message.

In her Instagram caption, she said that she was nervous about her pregnancy reveal "doing it the exact, perfect way."

"I finally realized that I can't worry about making being ME comfortable for everybody else, I have to share this journey MY WAY: with honesty, vulnerability, love and an open heart."

She also was vulnerable to tell her followers/fans about her pregnancy symptoms that are sometimes not so glamorous:

"I had an incredibly difficult spring and summer with serious nausea, exhaustion, constant sickness and all the awful symptoms no one wants to really talk about when sharing the “perfect blessed journey” of pregnancy. I was so afraid that if I shared that part (the difficulty of flying and performing while puking in green rooms and airplanes) that I'd seem ungrateful somehow when I'm actually crazy full of gratitude — I'm just HUMAN. 

We couldn't be any happier for one of our favorite MYfm artists!

Congrats Rachel Platten!

Check out her pregnancy reveal post below:

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