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This 3-Year-Old Wanted A Waffle House Themed Birthday Party!

When you're a kid and your parents ask you what you want for your birthday, there's a lot of different answers.

I mean some kids want a Barbie dream house, or a bounce house, but this 3-year-old from Georgia wanted Waffle House!

Waffle House is a very popular restaurant in the South and Lawson Cooper started his obsession at an early age.

He loves Waffle House so much that his mom hosted his third birthday party at the restaurant!

Lawson's Mom told ABC news, "Lawson has loved Waffle House since he began eating solid food." 

She continued saying, "When they're little they don't really give me much input on their party so I try to think about things they love."

She explained that when she started to think about birthday themes it was an "obvious choice" of what she was going to do for her son.

Lawson's mom "decided to have it in the middle of the afternoon when the restaurant isn't as busy. We were the only customers in the restaurant ... our server was sweet and accommodating to our crazy bunch."

She said the friendly staff made Lawson feel like a real member of the restaurant.

Lawson received his very own birthday name tag, personalized apron and Waffle House pins.

She said, "He knew about the theme because he was VERY excited about the pins on his apron and his name tag that he was going to get. He was talking about his 'waffle pins' for weeks beforehand."

The mom even gotthe help of their local bakery The Baking Grounds to make a "Waffle House yellow" chocolate cake.

Take a look at the adorable pictures from Lawson's 3rd birthday party below:

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