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Harry Potter Hogwarts Inspired Marshmallows Now Exist!

There's Harry Potter inspired jelly beans, well now the Harry Potter inspired food has just stepped up their game!

Potterheads everywhere can now get four different marshamallows representing a different house at Hogwarts from XO Marshmallow.

XO Marshmallow created these themed marshmallows to "celebrate the Harry Potter gang headed back to Hogwarts, the first day of school and the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald."

The first marshmallow flavor The Wicked Pickle is inspired by Slytherin. 

It's made with fresh dill pickle juice and apparently tastes "EXACTLY" like a pickle.

The marshmallow "combines the sweetness of sugar with the puckering power of pickle," and is "for those who are cunning and ambitious."

The next flavor is Gryffindor-inspired mallow is Sriracha Honey.

It is hot and sweet so you get the best of both worlds.

XO says, "We combined the kicking heat of Sriracha with the cooling sweet quality of fresh honey. Each bite starts off with a light sweetness that hits you with a kick of spice." 

The next flavor is Blackberry Brown Butter to represent Ravenclaw.

XO says this flavor is "warm and toasty" brown butter combined with the "fresh tart" of blackberry pureé.

Lastly is the Hufflepuff-inspired marshmallow that is Turmeric Orange, which combines fresh turmeric powder with orange juice to create a "delicious, savory, and 'sunshine' feeling."

All of the flavors will only be available until the end of September and comes in sets of 12 for $8.95 on XO Marshmallow's website

Are you going to try these?

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