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This Mean Girls Milkshake Is So Fetch!

You may have seen those giant freak shakes from Black Tap all over Instagram, well now they are about to release a Mean Girls milkshake!

The best part about this shake is that is contains multiple Mean Girls references.

The Mean Girls Crazy Shake is strawberry, but it is covered in so many toppings.

There's two sugar cookies...one shaped like a pink T-shirt that says "fetch" on it and one made to look like the Burn Book. 

There's also a giant rainbow spiral marshmallow, whipped cream and gummies on the side.

Then it is all topped off with a sprinkling of Pop Rocks and a maraschino cherry.

The Mean Girls shake will go for $19!

It will be available only at Black Tap's New York City locations from September 12 through September 16 and then will return on Wednesday, October 3 (the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady the date).

We need to hop on a plane to New York to try this...who's with us?!

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